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1961 Howard, Note on a paper of John W. Miles.pdf2010-Sep-16 16:59:00589.9Kapplication/pdf
1961 Miles, On the stability of heterogeneous shear flows Part 2.pdf2010-Sep-16 16:58:561.2Mapplication/pdf
1961 Miles, On the stability of heterogeneous shear flows.pdf2010-Sep-16 16:59:041.1Mapplication/pdf
1973 Монин,Турбулентность и микроструктура в океане.pdf2009-May-07 15:56:021.3Mapplication/pdf
1978 Монин, О природе турбулентности.pdf2009-May-07 15:58:352.7Mapplication/pdf
1999 Rudnick, Ferrari, Compensation of Horizontal Temperature and Salinity Gradients in the Ocean Mixed Layer.pdf2008-May-26 20:00:221.2Mapplication/pdf
2000 Moum and Smyth, Upper Ocean Mixing.pdf2009-Nov-11 15:00:02698.3Kapplication/pdf
2000 Smyth & Moum, OceanTurbulence.pdf2009-Nov-11 14:59:461.3Mapplication/pdf
2000 Гарифуллин Ф.А. - Возникновение конвекции в горизонтальных слоях жидкости.pdf2004-Feb-09 19:10:18163.6Kapplication/pdf
2001 Ferrari et al., The temperature-salinity relationship of the mixed layer.pdf2008-Nov-21 12:41:481.6Mapplication/pdf
2002 Smyth et al., Shear instability and gravity wave saturation in an asymmetrically stratified jet.pdf2009-Nov-11 15:01:13959.7Kapplication/pdf
2005 Smyth et al., Differential diffusion in breaking Kelvin-Helmholtz billows.pdf2009-Nov-11 15:01:422.2Mapplication/pdf
Frisch, Turbulence, 1996 Engl.djvu2005-Nov-15 17:16:003.2Mimage/vnd.djvu
Stewart, Introduction To Physical Oceanography 2007.pdf2008-Feb-19 09:42:409.6Mapplication/pdf
Thorpe S.A. An Introduction to Ocean Turbulence 2007.pdf2009-Nov-11 15:20:596.2Mapplication/pdf
Вопросы к экзамену 2016.pdf2016-Dec-12 17:47:5886.4Kapplication/pdf
Ландау, Лифшиц - Гидродинамика.djvu2003-Oct-19 21:42:455.9Mimage/vnd.djvu
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